team rayon
You want SIASL acoustic? That's like trying to make love to a refrigerator. It just isn't going to work - No one dies a virgin, Everyone gets fucked in life - Some people believe in God, I believe in music. You know, some people pray, I turn up the radio - Wewouldnt be here if it wasnt for the Echelon, I would have turned into awoman, Shannon, He'd be a Giggalo and Tomo would be..he'd be hairy - Between Shannon & you, who’s the most perverted ? - I’m married to God and the state - By the way, for Rayon, that tiny little brazilian bubble butt was all mine | Tomo : Well, you know living in a tourbus with guys's not easy, sometimes I think living with women would be easier, even itf it's kinda already like that with Jared - Somehow, you’re aware from the very beginning that no matter how you try, Leto’s probably going to know more about you than you do about him. Not meant to imply he uses this as a tactic to veil his nature, more just a comment on his cryptic charm and enigmatic ability to be interested while being even more interesting -
dedicated to the master and talented Jared leto


Staying in a 12 dorm room in a hostel in London, it’s 4 am right now i’ve been awake for 2 hours because 4 people have been fucking like rabbits in the bunk bed right in front of mine


Kendall Jenner - Ports 1961 Spring 2015 | MFW.
Speaking of which have you seen the video on YouTube where Jared is singing @Patrimonio, Corsica? I actually laughed out loud. Touching himself and opening his shirt and everything.. Meh. LMAO


Nope. I’m just glad that when I saw them all I got was the gratuitous Jesus poses, not the Latin popstar shit.

Oh my video LMAFO


Big Sur. #DoOrDie